Motor Control Centre

The Motor Control Centre has been designed for total flexibility and operator safety. Cells sizes are interchangeable and the motor isolators can be configured for either horizontal or vertical mounting. Each cell can be plugged in. There is no requirement to drill the main dropper bus bars, which provides both higher current ratings along with higher mechanical strength (fault withstand).

The system allows line side bolted connections. The outgoing motor power circuit can be connected via terminals or they may be terminated within the cell for form 4 configuration.

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Control Switchboard
Industrial Motors

Like all our equipment, we take into account the operating environment, cable entries, access into the plant room and where existing panels need to be replaced critical details such as the position and entry of the existing field wiring would be observed.

  • Type Tested certified bus bar systems (up to 50KA for 3 sec)
  • Separation: Form 3 as standard but Form 4 is available if required
  • Ingress protection up to IP65
  • Wall mounting or floor standing
  • Top, bottom or special cable entry
  • Front or rear cabling access
  • Fixed, plug in or with-drawable type
  • Full range of instruments and metering to customers requirements
  • Contactor, soft start and variable speed drives
  • Local or remote control
  • Wired to separate terminal chambers
  • Local or remote manual controls
  • Relay or PLC automatic controls
  • Alarm systems
  • Alarm annunciators
  • BMS interface

Special control systems to customer requirements

Australian Standards:AS1136.1: 1974
Switchgear & Control Systems & Arc Fault Containment
Australian Standards:AS3439.1: 1993
Switchgear & Control Systems & Arc Fault Containment