Products & Services


Rockhampton Switchboards products and services range includes:

  • Distribution Switchboards
  • Switchboard Upgrades
  • Process Control & Mechanical Services
  • Motor Control Centre
  • Hot Boxes
  • Power Tower
  • Glove Testing

Distribution Boards

Rockhampton Switchboard - Distribution Boards - Gladstone Offices

Each board is designed for total flexibility. Each compartment may be plugged in or fixed for custom design. There is no requirement to drill the main dropper busbars when the plug-in arrangement is adopted. This arrangement provides for higher current ratings along with higher mechanical strength (fault withstand).

Enclosures are manufactured from 1.6mm steel, the door over each cell can be either 1.6mm or 2.0mm. Door sealing is achieved by use of a soft bull nosed neoprene material. Door hardware is plated brass pintle hinges and knurled thumbscrews, coin lock or handles for the locking side. Stainless steel hardware is also an option for harsh environments.

Rockhampton Switchboard - Distribution Boards -Rockhampton Base Hospital

Our design can easily accept all types of switchgear from all different manufacturers. We have a vast library of Cad drawings from manufacturers to enable us to accurately design your switchboard.

CFS and circuit breaker stack systems are commonly used to simplify switchboard construction and provide maximum design and flexibility for modern switchboards. These systems significantly reduce time and labour associated with specifying and designing switchboards, therefore lowering overall costs. The stacks are supplied fully assembled from the supplier and fitted into the boards within our workshop.

Switchboard Upgrades

Because of the increased demand for additional building loads without replacing existing, Rockhampton Switchboards offer an upgrade service.

We can often replace individual fuse switches/MCCB’s, even obsolete equipment, with modern switchgear without affecting the integrity of switchboard.

This work requires a great deal of engineering experience coupled with the ability to apply flexibility of thought to overcome often seemingly unsolvable problems.

This facility also extends to the modification of existing Motor Control Centres, Power Distribution Units and Control Panels.

Process Control & Mechanical Services

Rockhampton Switchboards - Grammar Learning Centre

By liaison with our clients we design our control panels to produce the end product they require. We can offer standard or purpose built enclosures to be installed wall mounted or floor standing with single or double doors, provided in suites if required.

We can offer sheet metal or stainless steel enclosures with any powder-coated finish suitable for indoor or outdoor locations, with ingress protection up to IP66.

All types of control can be offered with the following options/facilities:

  • Motor Control
  • Process Control
  • Environmental Control (Mechanical Service HVAC)
  • Any other controls to customers special requirement
  • Cable entries as required
  • Local or remote manual controls
  • Relays or PLC Automatic Controls
  • BMS interface
  • Instrumentation as required
  • Alarm Systems
  • Alarm Annunciators
  • Mimic Diagrams